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I was at an impasse in  my life when I received an email from Richard asking me to read his  book. I was delighted and honored that he would ask me to share my  thoughts
Richard insightful spiritual writings help me to relax and let God take  charge of my life. He helped me to understand that angels are also  looking over me and my son, protecting us from life’s misgivings. He made me realize that I needed to bring myself back down to earth, to  put my faith in the power of prayer, visualization and to release myself  of the anger and fear that has been holding me back. Thank you Richard,  I love you, Debbie Dye REALTOR/Broker

 "I've no doubt there are angels among us. And Richard Spasoff is one of  them. Thank you, Richard, for reminding us that God, and the Angels,  have a great sense of humor."
-Kacey Jones / musician-songwriter-humorist, KaceyJones.com 

 Yoo HOOO.. Richy,,,, 'With his own brand of humor & wit, Richard  Spasoff makes an interesting and entertaining read, as well as  enlightening us, on a fascinating subject nice stuff, I do believe there  are angels and energies that can help us through life, and help us  towards our goals and successes, we have to take time to be aware of  thier presence, and allow our selves to recieve the messages and learn  through the lessons of our experiences.. It's hard being human  sometimes, but there is a greater, powerful, force and 'light" and that  we must embrace and trust, and BE. Art Vargas & The Swank Set varjazz.com  

 "Mr. Spasoff book does a great job of raising the awareness of the  spiritual connections between us all. Angels, God, Jesus, they're all  there when you think things are hopeless. When they diagnosed me with  'terminal cancer' and gave me 6-12 months to live, it is nothing short  of miraculous that I am still alive ten years later. Thank you Richard  for bringing hope to a desperate world" - Larry G Jones - Las Vegas'  'Singing Impressionist of the year'

 Richard Spasoff is a cracker jack story teller If you have been living  in darkness, then you need to read this book. It will put a smile on  your face as it pulls you into the light and shows you the way. Great  work, Richard, it made me want to fly!
Bertie Higgins 

 Your book is amazing, Richard! Ha, Ha, Ha. I think you are a very  talented, truly funny psychic....as we all know; NOTHING is more healing  and spiritual than humor!  Don't stop, brother!

- xoJ
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