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Go With The Flow


It's  much easier to follow the flow of life, than to ride it like a  rollercoaster in turmoil and  pain. When we have a cross to bear, life  can seem overwhelming!  It's like riding a roller coaster into eternity,  with no ending!  Spiraling down a hill accelerating and  feeling out of  control and out into the emptiness that exists within ourselves.   Between our spirit's turmoil and unrested core that lies in the  vastness of eternity inside the crevices of our souls, there is a  whirlwind out of control! 

Our  safety belt of life is the faith that we have with our Lord! Of course,  faith is unknown and unseen and not sound when we think about it  logically. It does not add up. It seems impossible. It’s something way  out of range. It is unreachable and unattainable, in regard to what we  desire within our passions! 

.        When we desire things that we don't have possession of at the  time, it can make us feel depressed that we don't have it. A feeling of  unworthiness comes forth from within, but those feelings are all untrue  to our inner being! It is a false facade which needs to cease from  within ourselves!  For when we stop the desire and just move forward  within the light and love, we will   see things manifest much easier  within us. Faith is not a thinking process. 

 Faith is  the process of healing and filing our hearts with love, and  turning  toward  what is in store for us and  our destiny.  It  is unknown  but  we know  in our hearts we are safe! 

Faith  is that of tranquility, a flow of steady peace and knowing that  everything is going to be alright. We go forth within our blindness, but  have a feeling of security of something bigger than what we are within  our souls. We can't stop doing what we believe is right within our  hearts. 

We  must follow our burning desire that drives us toward our main passions  in life. Our Angel’s will lead us to what we need to do.  Keep love  within your hearts and be still and listen to your inner spirit's Divine  Truth. 

We  will be led to the light and love of our passions and our hearts  desires. The key of our hearts desire is to be patient from within and  listen to where our faith will lead us! 

 It's like an "E" ride at Disneyland! Except in this case, once we go along with the ride it's much better!