The Mob Medium


I  would like to tell you that I've had a very interesting life. There  were times in my life that I  still find hard to believe and hard to  believe that I'm still alive!

 With the grace of  Divine Love and Peace,  I've  walked among  the underground sharing love an inspiration.

I  never picked the career choice of being a psychic medium for the  underground. I have lived in places before that were  poor and not  fitting for human conditions. I Learned a great deal of wisdom through  my travels within the darkness. I really would not trade it for  anything.

I learned one thing more than any other on how to protect yourself when in many different dangerous situations.

To give you a sample,  at night time where I lived in my past there were a lot of undesirable people in my apartment building!

Every  night as I climbed the staircase going up to my apartment,  there were  people shooting up on drugs and having sex underneath the stairs.  There  was always a group of people doing something illegal beneath my  staircase.

On  the same street I saw a person pour gasoline over themselves and then  light themselves on fire. You might say it was a happening place but not  good!

 It didn't stop there. There was a jail  right across from my apartment and there  were screams I could  hear at night. 

 My main point is, I had to protect myself in a nonviolent way in this  environment.

Every time before I walked home I would say a prayer to begin the process of my protection.

Not  only would I pray, but I would also visualize who I wanted myself to be  at that time.   I would put Our Arch Angel’s and God's light and love  around me. 

I would not show any fear as I went home, even though inside my soul and my spirit,  I was filled with fear!!

 Fear  is not going to get us anywhere  and if we have fear within our hearts  while we're traveling through a fearful environment It only adds to the  situation and makes it worse.  We need to drop this fear and walk  forward within the light so we can connect with The Divine Source. 

Even  in the darkest of energy that is cast around you,  you can rise  your vibrational level within your body's life source once you connect  with Heavens light. And you can walk through anything without having any  negative affect on you in anyway. so remember to drop your fear and  visualize your self getting to your destination safely. With the help of the God's Angels anything is possible.