We  are happy and proud to announce the “Wacky World of the Spaz"  (25-minute radio shows) are now in the processed of being syndicated on  Society Bytes Radio part of the Radio Ear Network Family. Our shows are  heard around the world in over 148 countries and over 450 directories.   This is internet radio that is accessible on ALL mobile devices and in  any car 2013 or newer.  We are heard on iTunes, TuneIn, Aha Radio and in  Apple Carplay and now available with an Amazon Prime Membership for the  Alexa Echo and Dot. The  Radio Ear Network Family is a group of I-radio stations that covers  global and local listeners. Niche-style radio allows us to make a  listener feel that the information they are listening to is local but  with global accent. The group has been in existence for 15 years and was  one of the first to allow mobile listeners to tune in where ever they  were.  Now listeners listen in their cars, all mobile devices and on  Bose Sound Touch. Our niche listeners regularly tune in for information  that can better their life or business.  

The Radio Ear Network family of listeners designed radio stations  allowing listeners to tune in anywhere in the world and change their  lives. Amanatee Group LLC has been designing niche radio stations since  2005 and has grown its audience in over 148+ countries and has over 1  million listeners as well as local niche markets. 

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