Richard's Letter


“I am going to kill you!”  A rough client approached me, as he pointed his gun in my direction.

I  was bringing in my massage table into the hotel room and standing in  front of me was a giant of a man.  He looked really tough.  He didn’t  look like your run of the mill Joe in ballerina tights.  He didn’t need a  gun to kill me.  Hell, he could have just sat on me and snuffed me out!  “If you kill me,” I retorted, “how can I give you a massage?

His  stare went right through me and seconds passed like hours, then the  silence erupted into laughter.  The ice has been broken.  The laughter  established a connection between us, but I was still nervous.  It was  now up to me to pull this situation in the right direction.

 I  was able to calm him down enough to have him take his bullets from his  gun.   I proceeded to start my massage on him.  As time went by, he  seemed to be very happy and much more at peace. I am sure we all deal  with angry people from time to time, but hopefully not to this extent.

 I  learned the best way to deal with anger is with honesty.  Probably the  best way to calm someone down is to agree with them (along as you’re  honestly sincere about it).  Find something you both have in common.   Soon, the angry individual does not know where to turn their rage.

 Their  brain will think, if you are on my side, then what am I arguing  about?   In a short time, the anger will diffuse itself.  Whatever the  reason for the individual’s anger, try to be calm and don’t allow the  other person’s feelings to influence you.

 Allow  you intuition and Angels to guide you with each situation.  God’s  Angels don’t want you to get hurt. Neither does God want the other  person to get hurt.  Always do your best to have a caring attitude.  Be  sympathetic.  Try to understand where the angry person is coming from.   Approach the delicate situation with care and love.  Try different  calming techniques (like breathing exercises).  Remember your Angels and  feel their love surrounding the circumstances.

I would not be here on earth, if it weren’t for my Mom and Dad.

I  have had some great experiences with both my Dad and my Mom. They  taught me a lot about life; morals, values, and being persistent and not  giving up in life. I can recall an incident when I was very young.  I  remember both of my parents working very hard with me to help me to do  my best in this life! The doctors told my parents that I would never be  able to ride a bicycle. When my dad heard this he told the doctor to  forget it!  He will be able to ride a bike and we will teach him.  With a  lot of persistence and hard work from both of my parents, I did finally  ride that bike.

 I  was born with some minimal type of brain damage, which affected my  motor coordination.  Doctors said I would never walk, ride a bike,  dance, or do anything involving motor skills. Nothing! Both of my  parents encouraged me when I was young and they worked double time with  me. I made it through.

 There  were many nights that I was in the hospital, unable to breathe from  asthma attacks.  During the daytime I would go to school and then after  school I would go to the Speech and Hearing Center. I did this all week  long for 5 years! Well, to sum it up, when I was young I had to work  extra hard just to grow and to be kind of normal. I actually never  really considered myself “normal” and that's a good thing!

 With  God's help and determined parents, and with my will to succeed, I was  able to accomplish anything that I desire. And we can all accomplish  what we desired if we visualize it!!!!! Work at it and be persistent  about it. In a loving way, we can do anything that we set our mind too!!

So,  I am thankful to my mom and dad. I also like to thank my girlfriend  “Gloria" as well as being part of my shows and putting up with me.  Especially when I put the mic in her face while were in bed. Then I ask  if she would like to record and make a record. Don't worry it’s  generally after our passionate lovemaking session.

 In  fact, the funny thing was when I met her on the day I was born. She was  a candy striper at the hospital in Inglewood California.  Now if I knew  she was there, I would have asked her out on a date that day. But  apparently, I had other plans, like being born. It's ironic though; that  I met my girlfriend on the day I was born. I believe a thing like this  is destiny and faith in the works, or it was simply her bad timing on  her behalf. She could have called in sick.

Richard Spasoff is a Comedy Show Headliner who also happens to be a Professional Psychic Medium! ~~ With a punch line!

I  am a psychic medium "not psycho," and a stand-up comedian and believe  it or not, a radio host/producer-actor, (IMDB) "Internet Movie  Database", writer, and some other things  I still don't know about yet!

(My Comedy take)

In  his one-of-a-kind take on Comedy, Richard incorporates both punchlines  into Psychic readings while drawing on unique real-life experiences in  venues large and small! Some of these unusual experiences include: a  marriage that didn’t last 30 days because the Bride woke up, being hired  as a Masseuse and Psychic Medium in a Red-Light District, a local  Police Academy that was never quite the same after Cadet Spasoff nearly  shot an instructor accidentally, the first apartment without a door, and  being hired to give massages to “wise guys” or “Goodfellas”!!

Now  without further  adieu.  I am very excited and thankful to Joe and  Katie for allowing me to produce my radio shows. Our new radio show is  called “Wacky World of the Spaz” (25 minute radio show). This will be  airing in September on Society Bytes Radio part of the Radio Ear Network  Family.

Again,  I would like to give a big heartfelt thank you to Katie and Joe. I  would like to thank them for allowing me to do my radio show as part of  the Ear Network family.

I  am happy a part of this family. At least I'm somewhat sure they willn’t  put me in cement shoes and send me to the bottom of the river.  Looking  forward to doing a positive messaging show, with comedy, psychic medium  readings, and the heart to heart interviews with celebrities and people  from all walks of life!

 I  spend between 20 to 40 hours  worth  of  production for a 25-minute  show. It's definitely hard work and I want to do the best that I can for  our audience. In my past shows, I had over 2,000 guests. Of course,  they weren’t on one show. I've been interviewing a lot of people for  over 30+ years.

Being  a psychic medium, I try to get to the heart of the matter with people  during our interviews and readings. As a comedian, I don't like to make  fun of people. That's not my style.  I don't mind picking on myself, but  I don’t like it!  I just know when I do our show, I want to bring good  energy into it and out of it.  I know that whatever energy we put into  the show people will feel good.

I  know through God's grace and love, Our Lord and his Angels will show me  how to put together an entertaining and positive messaging show for  everyone. I’ve been an entertainer for 30 years. Prior, I was a  psychiatric patient majoring in Thoracic Aortic Dissection Repair and  basket weaving.

I  want to give the audience new and interesting shows.  If for some  reason, I get sick and I die,  I have to call each and every one of you  collect from the afterlife!  Please accept my toll calls?