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Karalee Austin



Thank you to Richard, the psychic medium, who gave  effective and fun readings at our party on April 6. He was very popular  and I look forward to booking him at future events.
 *The psychic was awesome. *People really like you there!!*

Jeff Adachi



Jeff Adachi "San Francisco Public Defender

“Dear Richard-Thank you for your help the other day. I  decided to stay in the mayor's race. I apprecaite your generosity and  time ”

Best Jeff Adachi

Jenny Fumarolo


 "Please accept this letter as recommendation for Richard Spasoff,  psychic medium. We had Richard perform at our cast & crew wrap party  in July 2008. Everyone enjoyed the event and Richard was a wonderful  part of it. I would recommend him to anyone in search of a little  something extra for a party or event. Richard was very easy to work with  and accommodating, and I wish him all the best in the future."  

Jenny Fumarolo
"A Thousand Words"DreamWorks Production  

MZ Mugzzi



Richard Spasoff was a guest on my Blog Talk Radio show  on August 30, 2010.  We discussed a variety of subjects such as the  different types of light workers that work amongst the darker corners of  our society.

 During the show my audience appreciated his views on  the personality types, belief systems and behaviors that both the dark  and light personalities play.  This was a treat for all of us in  understanding the human race and the complicated matrix we all have a  hand in creating.

 Most host have their unique information that when  pulled together gives greater insight to the problems we have as a  whole.  The more exposure we get to a variety of life styles the more  power we have in changing our future.  For this reason, Richard Spasoff  information was insightful and interesting to learn.  Which in return  allows us to start thinking of plans to help those that are stuck in the  darker dwellings of life.

 In conclusion, I found Richard Spasoff to be a very  spontaneous and a fun guest because he is very easy to work with and  just goes with the flow.  His demeanor is one of compliance and  helpfulness for the original agendas that might be presented to him.   For these reasons I recommend him as a guest on the radio or what ever  media he is presenting himself too

Ron Feingold


I couldn't control my goose bumps when you gave me a reading over the  phone and mentioned my Grandmother who past when I was about 6. I  remember only vague aspects about her but you were somehow able to pick  up that I speak to her spiritually and that she is with me wherever I  go. That solidifies the belief I have had and never expressed to anyone  until now. I hope that your "vision" of my career path is correct and  that my troubles will one day go away.
I was also blown away at the fact that you knew I had knee pain  throughout my life, especially in my childhood. I was further blown away  when you mentioned my affinity for water. I live on a lake outside of  Orlando Florida and find peace when I am simply sitting on my dock and  looking at the water. My favorite thing!
Thank you for the reading Richard and the reassurance that came along with it.
Ron Feingold

Joyce keller


 Hi, Richard, It was such a pleasure having you on our AM and web radio  show, "The Joyce Keller Show." I have hosted our award-winning show  since 1987, and have along with our production staff, attempted to  maintain the highest standards of radio excellence. That is not an easy  task, when dealing with paranormal guests and topics. We are happy to  say that your appearance with us was more than wonderful! You showed  that your psychic talents were super, along with the demonstration of  your humorous and quick-on-the-draw dynamic personality. It was a  pleasure having you on our show, and we look forward to having you on  many future shows. Thank you again for being part of "The Joyce Keller  Show," the world's longest-running, live, paranormal radio show. - Joyce Keller, Host and Executive Producer 

Marneen L. Fields


OMG Richard! You are so funny, and look really intelligent too. Congratulations on starring in your new TV web series.

Farther Michael Sherbert


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Louise L Hay


Rick Spasoff.

 He is charming, fun and a great teacher.I love my time with him. 

♥ Louise L Hay

L Benson


"We hired him for an all girls “Cheers to the Future Promotion Party”. Some of us were a bit skeptical hiring a man for our ladies night, but as soon as he walked through the door, he surprised us with his professionalism and made each and every one of us feel unique and comfortable. His intuitions were positive and enlightening. He even gave one of my friends a swing dance lesson after all the readings. Such a fun and uplifting experience! I would highly recommend Richard!"

L. Benson

Comedian Jan McInnis


“The first time I spoke with Richard, I felt he really was attuned to “the other side.” He was able to tell me some things about a loved one who had passed, and he seemed to connect with her pretty quickly. He’s also comfortable to chat with, so give him a call!” 

Jody Babydol Gibson


 Richard Spasoff is a promising new Comedian with original material! Listen to him Now!