"Writing Your Heartfelt Letter: Five Easy Steps." Wacky World of the Spaz (internet  radio) with host Richard Spasoff, comedian, psychic, and heartfelt  communicator. Podcast interview with Lynette Smith released December 3. 

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The Mob Medium

Richard Spasoff


For twenty five years, I have been a psychic medium,Stand up comedian, Massage therapist and Dancer/Choreographer to the  underground of society. Wandering the concrete jungle, meeting with  prostitutes, strippers, homeless and the criminal organization known as  the Mafia, "sounds like i am having much too fun"my work has been wide  range and has touched many lives. 

In my spare time, I take up basket weaving. You may ask how could I do  this all (minus the basket weaving)? I sometimes wonder myself. My life  has always been one that has unfolded out in front of me, creating a  path of faith for me to follow in Gods ultimate arrangement of my life. I  never knew where my angels would lead me, but I had some ides of what I  was suppose to do. I was put on this earth to help many types of people  in need. 

Most of my life was shrouded in darkness. Sex, drugs, murder and mayhem  were spread out in front of me like a Las Vegas 2.99 buffet of all you  would want to consume. To me this situation was living. As my friend Don  Adams would say (from Get Smart), and loving every minute of it.

 Don't  misunderstand me; I wasn't involved with this activity. In fact, this  activity scared me to death, but at the same time scared the life into  me. It kept me alive; giving me a calling to live. My vocation, my  passion was in helping people. I was there to help, to pray and to calm  down people during their time of crisis. Even though, I was walking in  dangerous company, I felt protected by my angels. I felt that I was  always guided to the people I needed to be with. My life has been filled with excitement and my book will explain some of my experiences.