The House Mother secret societies

Once  upon a time I lived  in Las Vegas for a few months and  I worked as a  house mother. This doesn't mean I dressed up as a maid, nor did I wear  pantyhose.

My  main job was to take care of three women.  I did readings for them and  offered them protection.  I believe it was  spiritual protection because  I wasn’t a pimp. 

I  was offered  this job while I was working for a place called Annie of  Paris at the Stardust Hotel and Casino. I had many types of clientele  ranging from TV stars to normal people. Is there such a thing as normal  people that live in Vegas?

What you see  in Vegas stays in Vegas? That's not the perception that I got.

I  was a massage therapist for the salon as well as doing my readings.   One of the  clients that came in was a man who asked for me personally.
At  first I didn't  know what this visit was about, but as I was giving him  a massage, he said he was on a search for people who could help out his  wife. It sounded legitimate at first, but then he mentioned that he  needed somebody to sleep with his wife.

This was another one of those jobs that was appealing to say at least! I asked him what he meant by that  and where he would be at the time. He said he had lived in another  state and his wife had  came to Vegas  to work.  His wife was a stripper  and a prostitute.

He then told  me that if I wanted to have sex with her it would be alright with him, but that it was up up to her and I.

I  did meet and talk with her but we did not have sex because I  wanted to  focus on the job I was given, which  was to sleep with her at night   and protect her from intruders that might break into the house.

 At first she carried a gun, but I felt uncomfortable,  so I asked her not to bring the gun to bed with us. After all I wasn't sleeping with Dirty Harry!

Although  a few intruders did come in I was able to help calm them down.  I was  used as a peacemaker through God's angelic realm.  Most of the men that  broke into the house were cooperative  so I was able to handle these  situations in a peaceful  manner with consideration  and love. 

Sometimes the men  would climb  tough the window because they  were obsessed over the girl, but  by the end of the  evening we were  sitting down and talking over tea and crumpets . It was really a  sandwich and coke but it work out fine. secret societies gentlemen's club sapphire strip club


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