Gregory Dr Danger Carpenter

Dr Danger

Unbeknownst to him, at the ripe age of ten, an inquisitive Gregory E.  Carpenter, with nothing but a lighter, an abandoned car and a love of  fire, set out to create the man that would become Dr Danger!

A true stunt gypsy road dog, Dr Danger spends most of his time on the  road living life in the trenches and getting as much out of each and  every day. He’s a father, a believer, a songwriter, a mechanic, a bus  driver, a dishwasher, and an eternal optimist. Dr Danger has spent the  last 24 years performing live daredevil stunts at racetracks, speedways,  and monster truck shows across the country.

 A child of the 60’s, Carpenter was born in Sacramento, California,  where the entertainer in him soon came shining through. Instead of  putting on plays in the back yard like most kids, he and his two sisters  had a family favorite game, “Howdy, Partner!”. It started with an  ironing board. They would take turns sitting at the ironing board as if  it were a saloon bar, one would walk into the saloon, give a slap on the  other’s back and say, “Howdy, Partner!”, and then the stunt fighting  would begin!  

Richards Guest Are Gregory Dr.Danger Carpenter & Danny Dechi & Brendan Praniewicz

Richards Guest Are Gregory Dr.Danger Carpenter & Danny Dechi & Brendan Praniewicz


He became enthralled with Evel Knievel at the age of 11 after seeing the George Hamilton movie three times in one afternoon. After years of different types of work, Carpenter finally gave in and decided to follow his heart: there was no denying his true calling. He spent his early years of stunt work in Hollywood (his first moniker) before realizing he could not be just another anonymous stuntman. He needed his audience to know his face and his name. True to his character, the open road was the place to do it. He’s spent the last 24 years doing just that


His signature stunts include a Dr Danger original: ‘Suicide Car Explosion’, which entails two pounds of explosives and twenty gallons of gasoline being placed on a car. Dr Danger gets in, and flips a switch. KABOOM! Now all he has to do is GET OUT! After perfecting this new stunt, he added some flair to it: coming out of the car on fire!  


 The ‘Suicide Car Jump’, another Dr Danger original, is often  called ‘The Steel Wall Crash’. Early on in his career, he tempted fate  by making this stunt one step closer to suicidal: NO ROLL BARS. He has  since chosen safety over sensationalism. In 1993 at the Portland  Speedway, Danger became the only person to ever jump a full size school  bus off a ramp with a kicker, landing it 100 feet away UPSIDE DOWN! He  has jumped and crashed hundreds of cars, trucks, and buses in many  incredibly unique ways, including head-on collisions, rollovers,  T-bones, and chases.  


 Pyrotechnics are a large part of any Dr Danger event. From fire  pots to fire tricks (including fire eating), he does them all. A big  crowd pleaser is his Human Torch Body Burn. He holds a record for the  longest run (over 500 feet) and longest burn time.  


 After taking five Life Flights and having five custom-made suits  either burned or cut off, he decided it was time to pass the torch  (every pun intended!) and his knowledge. In 2012, he created TEAM  DANGER: A Rock ‘n Roll Wrecking Ball that swings from town to town.   Danger's website