Danny Dechi

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 Danny Dechi’s stand-up comedy has  been described as “Woody Allen doing vaudeville”. His humor, most often  directed at himself, is a quirky combination of clean comedy & a  unique #2 pencil musical act.

He was honored to perform at the  Annual Comedy Day 2011 in San Francisco, and is currently helping the  growth of the Bay Area standup comedy scene by hosting a number of Open  Mics & Showcases.

He's available for private & public standup comedy engagements,  commercials, TV & movie work, book signing events & theater  roles 

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 See Danny's SF GIANTS TV ads which were broadcast all season during the games!  You can also see two of Danny's GIANTS TV ads online  by clicking on both thumbnails entitled "Omar Vizquel". 

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Danny Dechi on The Late Late Show with James Corden

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