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In his one-of- a-kind take on Comedy, Richard incorporates both punchlines into Psychic readings while drawing on unique real-life experiences in venues large and small! Some of these unusual experiences include: a marriage that didn’t last 30 days because the Bride woke up, a Father who was a cross-dresser that also hired Hitmen, being hired as a Masseuse and Psychic Medium in a Red-Light District, a local Police Academy that was never quite the same after Cadet Spasoff nearly shot an instructor accidentally, a first apartment without a door, and bring hired to give Massages to “wise guys” or “goodfellas”!!    This real-life insight prompts questions like: “What do chocolate chip cookies and the Mafia have in common?” Or: If you’re taking a Vacation to the Moon, do you need clean underwear?” In short, his is a fresh, exciting look at life and the hereafter from a guy who’s been there and back!!~~ 


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Sometimes  the moonlight comes in pretty strong through my window. I was just  thinking about how I could figure out turning down the light of the  moon.

I thought if I can install a dimmer switch in my room, then run an extension cord from my bedroom to the moon, it might work!

First of all, Wal-Mart doesn't carry an extension cord that long. Or do they? So  my idea was to make my own extension cord going from my bedroom all the  way up to the moon. Now as I said once before, the moon is only two  hundred & ninety thousand miles away from us. When I was figuring  this out I figured I needed 5 feet extension cords. How many five feet  extension cords would I need to reach the moon?

There  is approximately 5,280 feet in one mile. For one mile alone I would  need 1,056 five foot extension cords. It would be 290,000 miles of 5  foot extension cords going from my bedroom to the moon. I would need approximately 306 million 240 thousand five foot extension cords. Now, I'm not going to go over the price of that. Or am I? Because, if I did, it would be in the Billions.

If  each 5 foot extension cord would cost $5,  lets say my bill would be 15  billion, 312 million just to buy all those 5 foot extension cords. Do  you think Walmart has a discount for idiots? I should apply! All  of this is a fantasy in in my head. That's the sad part. But it  wouldn't work because there would not be enough ohms to push the  electricity all the way up to the moon! That's a different factor in  itself! So does somebody have that answer for me?