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Stanley Livingston American actor


  "I've   appeared on Psychic Medium Spasoff Radio Show many times.  Richard   Spasoff is a gracious host and always well-informed about his guests  and  what they are passionate about.  The show is light and breezy...and   most importantly... always informative and entertaining!".  - Stanley L  

The Richard Spasoff Show

The Richard Spasoff Show

 “[Show Name:]  The Richard Spasoff Show


Tag Line: –   The Best in Paranormal & Spirituality with a dash of Comedy


Show Description: –   

The Richard Spasoff Show is a unique blend of paranormal, spirituality and comedy. 

Join Psychic Medium and Comedian Richard Spasoff as he welcomes guests to discuss their personal experiences with the paranormal and journeys in spirituality. Everything from ghosts and profound truth, to celebrity interviews and more can all be found in every episode of the Richard Spasoff Show.

[Broadcast than podcast Biweekly every Wednesday and Sunday 7-930pm PST ]

& Periodically 8pm weekdays and Saturdays with our mini Series Broadcast and Podcast.

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Guest appearances: Col Arnold Strong, Mack Maloney, Kevin  Ian Beegle, Sharon Lynn Wyeth, Richard Ruland, Brendan Praniewicz,  Joseph Van Peek, Merrell Fankhauser, Tina Mahina Williams, Texas Terry  Trash, Nancy Hartwel, Gloria Grady, Patti Negri Psychic Medium and Good  Witch, Kenneth W. Gronbac, Comedian Darren Carter, Paul Rimmasch,  Jonathan Kraft the founder of Keepers of the Wild, Timothy Earl OSB  Demonologist, Amberrose Hammond, Susan Klopstien Medical Intuitive  and  many more within the paranormal.

The   following  celebrities have been guests on Richard Spasoff’s previous  radio shows  including: Garry Marshall, Pauly Shore, Wayne Newton,   Phyllis Diller,  Tim Conway, Stanley Livingston, Gale Gordon, George   Carlin, Ronnie  Schell, Gary Owens, Don Rickles, Monty Rock the 3rd, Sonny   Turner and  Monroe Powell from the Platters, Bill Pinkney of the   Drifters, Joe  Viterelli, Demond Wilson, Lou Ragland, Smothers Brothers,   Marti Allen,  Steve Rossi, Norm Crosby, Dawn Wells, Mary Wilson of the   Supremes,  Butch Patrick, Cassandra Peterson, (Mistress of the Dark),   Michael  Berryman, Sid Haig, Priscilla Barnes,  Kathy Garver,  Gregory   Dr.  Danger Carpenter,  Jerry Mathers, Erin Moran,  Scott Thompson   (Carrot  Top), Sandy Hackett, Danny Trejo  and a lot more!   


New Listener

Are you new to The Richard Spasoff Show.Wondering where to start?

Ive been around for over 20 minutes. So you have many interviews to chose from,

but here are some interviews to get you launched .

Ep 2 is a fun one 

Ep 5 is very interesting

Ep 6 our mini series meeting a real vampire

Ep 17 keepers of the Wild Jonathan Kraft

[Note you can always listen for free on our website and more outlets listed above ]

The Richard Spasoff Show  The Best in Paranormal & Spirituality with a dash of Comedy 

Father Michael + Sherbert is a valid Apostolic Ordained Oriental Orthodox Catholic Bishop and member within the Orthodox Catholic Church Of America,


 My Good Friend Richard Spasoff New Website Check It Out ~ Much Love Richard~💞I know God Has A Sense of Humor This Man Is A Gifted Oracle of Blessing & Humor 

[Farther Micheals Facebook Page]

Patti Negri is an actor, producer, psychic-medium and "good" witch


 I've recently been introduced too Richard Spasoff for the first time by being a guest on his show.  He is a wonderful, gracious and fun host.  He kept the conversation lively and moving and a true "pro" at guiding the content and energy of the show!  I am a seasoned pro - and guest a lot on different radio shows so I know what I am talking about...  Hosts certainly vary in skill and grace.  Richard is top notch!  I highly recommend him - and would be happy to go back as a guest on his show anytime!  Patti Negri 


Nancy du Tertre "The Skeptical Psychic"



I had a wonderful time talking with you on your show "The Richard  Spasoff Show" (March 17, 2019).  I can tell you from lots of experience  doing hundreds of radio shows that it is rare to be interviewed by  someone like you who is able to combine the qualities of being casual,  easy-going, intelligent, funny, kind, insightful and generous - and also  a psychic medium!  It was great to "talk shop" and share unusual  paranormal experiences with you.  To your credit, you managed to bring  out my best qualities.  That's the sign of a great host!  Thank you!

Nancy du Tertre

"The Skeptical Psychic"


Comedy Podcast


Susan Klopfstein Spiritual Therapist at Soulwealth, Inc.


Thank you so much for the opportunity as well as the sheer fun of being on your show.  Whenever you want to do it again,

there  are just a few other topics that we can talk about; Soul Partners of  Light and Darkness; Soulmates as family including birth,foster  and adopted children; Gifts and Talents such as relational,  communicational, and functional with Spiritual Gifts and Rewards

of God and Soul, Family and Marriage Family of Origin Issues (anything from twin souls, soul merges, walk-ins, to ancient family karma from other planets), you name it, anything goes in this family category!

You’ll  know when it’s right and I’ll see your spirit waving to me before I get  your phone call.  This time I’ll know who you are!

Many Blessings,

Susan K.

Howard Bellamy of the Bellamy Brothers


 Happy New Year Richard,I just listened to back to our interview,it was quite humorous and profound 


Tina Mahina Williams


Richard Spasoff is an excellent host with a powerful radio show. Richard has a true sense of what it is like to be the person on the other side of the microphone and what his listeners want and need to hear. He has his own fascinating stories that I would like to hear more about as well. Please check out The Richard Spasoff Show, you will be enlightened and entertained!


Brendan Praniewicz Professor and Comedian



Brendan Praniewicz  Professor and Comedian

image19" target="_blank">https://img1.wsimg.com/isteam/ip/81bb383c-c06f-4bc1-9e6b-e79a6343fd13/Brendan.jpg/:/cr=t:0%25,l:0%25,w:100%25,h:66.67%25/rs=w:365,h:365,cg:true"/>

 Richard  Spasoff is the best interviewer that I've ever worked with.  He is a  great listener, he is funny, and he connects well.  His show has such a  wide range of fascinating people that each episode is enlightening and  entertaining.  If you are not listening to his show, you are missing out  on something magical

Joyce Keller


"Richard Spasoff is one of the mind-blowing talents of our time. What  he does is amazingly entertaining and unique! He combines his great  psychic abilities, with his terrific comedic talents. He is hilarious,  as he regularly proves on his radio show, and other shows. If that isn't  enough,he is the most incredible dancing instructor and performer!  . -  Joyce Keller

Gail Zeiler (April 27, 1950 – September 1, 2016), known professionally as Kacey Jones


  "I've no doubt there are angels among us. And Richard Spasoff is  one of  them. Thank you, Richard, for reminding us that God, and the  Angels,  have a great sense of humor."
-Kacey Jones / musician-songwriter-humorist, KaceyJones.com  

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About Us

Allan Pacheco


Richard Spasoff is a great talent, he is a throwback to the golden age of radio talk show hosts, yes he is that GOOD!  Spasoff is NOT-NOT-NOT a dim bulb broadcaster with a huge ego.    The “SPAZ” as I call him has a keen mind, he has studied the topic that will be discussed and he has excellent timing as in how the show’s momentum or energy is playing out.  The “SPAZ” is a broadcaster that is worth his salt.  Another reason I am a returning guest to his show, is that —  the “SPAZ" is able to bring up ideas or themes that  sometimes I have not thought of, as in the topics I have written about or am immersed in. These ideas or questions he has formulated during the dialogue makes for great radio/podcast.    If you want a host who can plunge to the depths of a topic, the “SPAZ” is your broadcaster.  I recommend him and this is coming from an author-researcher-SAG/AFTRA actor.    Simply put — "THE SPAZ CAN HACK IT”.  

Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer


It is always a pleasure being a guest on the Richard Spasoff Show. He is so much fun to work with and takes such an upbeat and positive approach that no subject no matter how intense or dark is taboo. His open minded approach takes the paranormal into the mainstream where it can be discussed logically and rationally, and the best part is, the show presents the evidence, but it is for the audience to draw their own conclusions.  

Mark Anthony

Dr Danger


 I have always enjoyed listening to the Spaz and watching his live performances. He has proven over the last several years to have an++ uncanny ability to know things about myself and my life that were not made public. Very strange this ability he has to see these things. 

Dr Danger

Richard Spasoff's Reviews

Joe Viterelli

Richard's Readings are great!" and the funniest psychic that I've ever known

'-Joe Viterelli

Richard's Readings are great!" and the funniest psychic that I've ever known 

Joe Viterelli

Marneen L. Fields


OMG Richard! You are so funny, and look really intelligent too. Congratulations on starring in your new TV web series.
Marneen L. Fields

Jody BabyDol Gibson


Richard Spasoff is a promising new Comedian with original material! Listen to him Now!   JodyBabydol Gibson